Charity Day campaign

the ambition

To cut through the financial gloom and make ICAP’s 20th annual charity day the biggest and best ever.

the context

ICAP is an international brokerage firm, renowned throughout the Square Mile and the financial world. This financial powerhouse’s annual Charity Day, in which 100% of their trades are given to charity, is a firm fixture in the financial calendar and takes place at their offices around the world. On the day itself, the brokers get dressed in their best fancy dress and mingle with A-List celebrities.

Zone won the pitch with a bold idea that would brighten the gloom and create a real buzz. We had to do something different in an industry where social media use is so tightly regulated by the FSA.

our strategy

We wanted to tap into the testosterone-fuelled world of the City, where winning is everything and failure is not an option. The brokers love Charity Day but we needed to create even more noise around the 20th anniversary to get people really excited.


So we created a character that would get everyone motivated for Charity Day. The world’s foremost charity motivator in the world: Steve Silverback. A man who lives for the thrill of charity and hasn’t changed his monkey costume for 20 years.

Steve was a new way to get the brokers psyched up and reveal what Charity Day was all about.ICAP_Steve275x275



the content

We created a campaign that would introduce Steve and get him talking to the people that mattered.

The campaign began with a little monkey business. We placed bananas with Steve’s motivational messages printed on them in the foyer of ICAP’s London office.

Steve then hijacked the company emails to deliver his motivational mantras through short videos, hosted on his own bespoke site and on the ICAP Charity Day site.


Email was the best way to directly connect with our audience, due to strict guidelines around the use of digital devices/platforms during ICAP’s work hours. We even got the blessing of ICAP CEO, Michael Spencer, to use his annual video address as a way to get Steve’s unique message across.

This was supported by a comprehensive external campaign, which covered both conventional and less conventional media. Steve’s Game Face booth – a photographic experience like no other – was a feature in ICAP offices. Brokers were asked to give it their best game face: a ludicrous motivational grimace they could then share with their colleagues.

Brokers and traders also received a gift: Steve’s Personal Motivator. A slingshot with an armoury of motivational power balls.

We beamed our ICAP charity day message straight into the financial heartlands of London and New York City. A cheeky video featuring Steve was broadcast on the big screen at Canary Wharf and a state of the art video animation took over the big screens in Times Square. As Steve would say – Givergize!